Premium Grab Bars

Premium Style, Professional Safety.

Elcoma Metal Premium Grab Bars are availble in a wide range of standard configurations for the most common household and public situations. When you customize your order, the possibilities are nearly endless! Choose your length, diameter, grip, flange, and finish to fit your unique needs. Standard straight grab bars come in lenghts of 12", 16", 18", 24", 30", 32", 36", 42", and 48". Other configurations may vary.



Our premium grab bars are electroplated with chromium for a beautiful high polish metallic finish.

1 Inch Chrome Plated Grab Bar

Powder Coated

We cary a wide range of options for painted color powder coated bars that will match any look or feel you need, without breaking the bank! Need more colors? Check out our RAL Custom Color options!

White Powder Coated Premium Grab Bar
1 Inch White Painted Grab Bar
RAL Colored Elcoma Premium Grab Bars
Green and Black 1¼ Inch Powder Coated Bars


Our premium grab bars come in four standard grips: Smooth, Peened, Knurled, and ShurGrip (1¼" only). Smooth is a traditional polished finished, without any added texture to the metal surface. Peened and Knurled grips are fine-textured grips expertly ground into the main segments of the bars. ShurGrip is a special diamond pattern full bar texture we put onto our 1¼" bars to maximize hand hold support.

Premium Grab Bar Grips
Premium Grab Bar - Grips

Diameters & Options

1 Inch Steel Bars:

Colors & Finishes

1" bars come in plated chrome

1 Inch Grab Bar - Finishes


Our 1" bars are available with Twist Lock, Low and High Profile, and exposed 3 Hole flange varieties.

1 Inch Grab Bar - Flanges

1¼ Inch Stainless Bars:

Colors & Finishes

1¼ Inch bars are available in the following colors: White, Almond, Buscuit, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Old World Bronze, Antique Venitian Bronze, Stainless Steel, Chrome, Brass, Nickel, Mirror Finish, or Matte Black.

1¼ Inch Grab Bar - Finishes


Our 1¼ Inch Premium grab bars come available in Twist Lock and 3 Hole flanges, as well as our Signature Series Round and Square beveled design flanges.

1¼ Inch Grab Bar - Flanges

1½ Inch Stainless Bars:

Colors & Finishes

1½ Inch bars are available in the following colors: White, Almond, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Old World Bronze, and Stainless Steel.

1.5 Inch - Finishes
1½ Inch Grab Bar - Finishes